This is a progressive cash prize game. Similar to a 50/50 draw but continues to grow until it is won. There are weekly cash prizes as well as the grand prize. The grand prize will be divided into thirds; one third to Carpenter Hospice, one third to winning player, one third to Hector's.

A standard deck of cards is shuffled and cards are placed individually into sealed envelopes. The envelopes are numbered 1-52. Winner is determined by the person who selects the ace of spades.

Rules of play;

1. Tickets are purchased ($2 each or 3 for $5). Player prints name and one envelope number on a ticket. (eg. Bob Smith #43).

2. Every Monday a ticket is drawn randomly. Using example above, if envelope #43 is the ace of spades, Bob Smith receives 1/3 of ALL monies raised and game is over. If #43 is not ace of spades, Bob will receive 1/3 of WEEKLY monies raised. The remaining 2/3 goes back into grand prize and #43 will be removed from playing board. All tickets purchased for that week will be discarded and it starts over. (If grand prize pot has $1200 when ace of spades is selected, winner gets $400, Carpenters gets $400 & Hector's gets $400. If ace of spades is not selected and weekly sales were $120, winner gets $40 and $80 is added into grand prize).

All winners will be posted at Hector's and here on the BOHC website.


Join us at your BOHC Lounge for a Pub Night!

Why not book an extra pub night for your division this season at the lounge! Team 71 from Gold Division did this recently

pub night


Bring your teammates to Hectors! Support the Club!


Hector’s has made special pricing arrangements with a local PizzaVille franchise for delivery of Pizzas and Special Pub Packages.

Pizzaville for BOHC:  905-336-6656  (don’t call the normal PizzaVille number)

Tell them you’re with BOHC, they’ll deliver right to Hector’s in time for when you arrive from your game!

BOHC pizzaville

5 Satellite HD TV's
Large 95" HD Projection Screen (computer compatible)
Popular pricing on all Beverages and Food!
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Schedule a team function
Reserve for Special Occasions (stag & doe, showers, small banquets, etc.)


Reservations & Catering

To reserve the lounge for meetings, private functions or special events please contact: Stan Ruhl   Tel: 905-512-3683